About Us

Gleam Music is the compositional team of Brian O’Doherty and Milton Mermikides. We love creating music in the whole spectrum of style and art forms.

We are friendly and approachable musicians with intimidating academic qualifications and have worked with artists as diverse and fabulous as Tim Minchin, Dame Evelyn Glennie, Billy Connelly, Tim Rice, Steve Winwood, Brian Eno, Ken Loach, Pamela Stephenson, Colin Bateman, Pat Martino and have had award-winning music performed on TV, film, stage, video game and radio to millions of listeners. We love working with creatives to produce unique and compelling art.

Brian O’Doherty is a lovable Irish rogue trained and tolerated at the Royal Academy of Music, and informally on the streets of Brasil. He is a composer, classical guitarist, electric guitarist, pianist and lover of all music styles. He has an effortless knack of finding the perfect musical idea within 2 minutes, while making coffee for everyone. Milton Mermikides is a musical Uber-nerd with a Jazz degree from Berklee College of Music, and a PhD in composition. He is a composer, guitarist, academic and studio boffin. His work is not only performed widely but featured in academic journals, radio documentaries, galleries and scientific conferences. Obsessed with why and how music makes us feel so deeply, it’s his life long mission to unpick and recreate its aural elixir. Brian and Milton happen to create music fast and well together, and love working with creative people like you.

Milton’s TEDX talk on why everything is music, and music is everything: